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Jet Lag Strategy

The key to a successful transfer from the U.S. to a foreign destination lies in overcoming jet lag quickly.  We have found that if we follow these guidelines, travelers adapt more readily to the new time zone and do not suffer the agony of prolonged jet lag.  It also keeps them from losing 1-2 days of their trip at the beginning of their trip due to fatigue.

1.  Packing – Be packed two days before the departure date.

· This will put your mind at ease decreasing stress.

· Utilize the packing list provided and check things off

2. Sleep – leading up to the trip before you leave, start off rested.

· Go to bed early the two nights preceding and the night before traveling.  

· Do not stay up late the night before doing laundry.

3.  Eating Plan – Two days before you leave and day of arrival

· Eat lighter meals

· Limit your caffeine intake. 

· Limit or eliminate sugar intake and desserts.

· Limit or eliminate alcohol during these days.  

· All of the above alter your body’s normal functions.

4.  On the Plane – be intentional during your flight. 

· Drink lots of plain water while on the airplane.

· Inflight meal – eat lighter

· Coffee/tea –limit to the morning time of the time zone you are going to.

· Bring your hydro-flask or water bottle (empty before security) with you

· Force yourself to get up, move around, and stretch during the long flight.

5.  Layovers – Be Active while you’re on the ground.

· Get a good stretch, walk around the airport, and keep yourself moving. 

· Avoid cat-napping on layovers and keep active. 

6.  Sleep on Plane – Consider taking a sleep aid on the Transatlantic flight. 

· Consult your doctor regarding over-the-counter and prescription aids. 

· Try to get at least four hours of sleep.

· Use an eye mask and ear plugs. Wear loose-fitting clothing.

· Avoid telling yourself you “can’t sleep on planes.”

· Having some non-electronic reading is very helpful for sleeping on a plane.

7. Arrival at Foreign Destination – On the day of arrival

· Change your body clock by exposing it to daylight. 

· Walk at least 1 to 3 miles, even if it is raining or slightly inclement weather.  

· Have a cup of coffee/tea in the morning time of your destination. Eat light. 

· Forget what time it is at home. Make the mental time change.

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